Halogen is committed to strong and effective corporate governance practices and open and transparent communications with its shareholders. Our majority independent Board of Directors is well aligned with the interests of our shareholders and maintains active oversight of the Company.

Board of Directors

  • Michael Slaunwhite, founder and executive chairman
  • Les Rechan, President and CEO
  • Rob Ashe, former CEO of Cognos
  • Harry Gruner, founder and managing general partner, JMI Equity
  • Peter Hoult, international business consultant
  • Timothy V. Williams, former CFO of Blackbaud Inc
  • Deb Besemer, Professional Director and Consultant

Independent directors are Messrs. Ashe, Gruner, Hoult, and Williams. Click here for biographies of Halogen’s Directors.

Board Committees

chair - Chair member - Member

Committee:  1
Human Resources
Committee:  2
Corporate Governance
and Nominating
Committee:  3
Michael Slaunwhite  
Robert Ashe
Harry Gruner  
Peter Hoult  
Timothy Williams  
Deb Besemer

1The Audit Committee’s three directors are all independent and financially literate in accordance with NI 52-110.
2Messrs. Hoult, Ashe and Gruner are independent directors and Mr. Slaunwhite is a non-management executive officer.
3Messrs. Ashe, Gruner and Williams are independent directors and Mr. Slaunwhite is a non-management executive officer.

Corporate Governance Policies

In addition, Halogen’s Board of Directors has a written Code of Conduct that governs the behaviour of directors, officers and employees of the Company. The Company also has an Insider Trading Policy and a Whistleblower Policy.

Board of Directors Contact

For items related to the duties and responsibilities of the Board, you can contact:

Halogen Software Inc. c/o Corporate Secretary
495 March Road
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K2K 3G1

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